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High Quality Djembe Drums

African Percussion drums start with hand carved shells from the Ivory Coast and Ghana.  The drum shell is carved form a single log by the traditional method which has advantages of strength and tone compared with drums that have been manufactured on lathes or constructed with non-traditional coopering.

Each African Percussion shell is tailored to its first skin. The bearing edge is evened to promote clarity of sound and eliminate ringing or buzzing and the shoulders are rounded, making them easier for the beginner and more comfortable for the professional.

The skins and tuning strings are of the highest quality and come with an African Percussion guarantee of satisfaction and a twelve month warranty against faults in the materials or workmanship.

African Percussion drums are available for retail across Australia.

Wholesale enquiries are also welcome on 0418 540 425 or by email to

African Percussion also specialises in repairs and maintenance for Melbourne drummers..

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