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Elite Djembe
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Elite heads

Elite base



Introducing the 'ELITE' and 'ELITE Traditional' Djembe

African Percussion's newest djembes offer the highest quality available.

In addition to our guaranteed materials and workmanship, 'Elite' drums come with 'Spectra' tuning knots, skin detail / trim on the base of the drum and 'Elite' branded skins. All this on 13" - 14" shells that have been hand picked for the clearest and biggest sound.

Look out for the detail that sets them apart and listen for some of the best sounding Djembes you'll find in Australia. Click here for your nearest retailer.


All African Percussion 'Elite' djembes are clearly branded and feature 'Spectra' tuning knots on hand-picked 13" - 14" shells


'Elite' djembes offer smooth, treated heads with a decorative sample of skin to protect and trim the base rim.


'Elite Traditional' drums can be quickly spotted by the trim of unshaved goatskin on the base and traditional shaved goatskin head.


As played by King Marong

African Percussion Elite Traditional

King Marong






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