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Paul Keane


Drums and percussion have been Paul's lifelong passion; when as a child, Paul first set eyes on a drum kit at a gig, he knew that this was the instrument for him. Years of practise and honing his craft reaped its rewards as the first band he was accepted into was for none other than the legendary Australian blues icon Matt Taylor.

Since then, Paul's talent has taken him all around Australia, playing at major venues and television appearances, on "Good Morning Australia" and "Hey Hey, It's Saturday". His versatility has led him to perform in bands covering a wide variety of styles; he has played at Broadford as well as at the Tamworth country music festival with many notable performers.

Paul has combined his passion for percussion and love for Irish music to develop an amazing fresh and original approach to playing in the folk scene. As well as a standard drum kit, Paul uses traditional Celtic instruments (eg. Bodhran) and also assorted percussion instruments from across the globe. He blends these to form an amazing array of rhythmic tones and colours over a solid, driving beat.

Past recordings include albums with Matt Taylor: 'Always Land on Your Feet', The Giants: "Freedom Road" and "Nature of the Beast", JoJo Leslie: "For No Other Reason ", and Andrew Sefton: "The Distance".

Personally, Paul has recorded and released " Day Ground Zero" and "Tall Tales".

Paul played at the launch of the Andrew Sefton Band

Paul Keane performance

Paul played with Thread when they competed in the finals of Starstruck

Paul Keane playing with Thread

Hey Hey It's Saturday!

Paul played with Gina Jeffreys
when she performed her song,
"Dancing With Elvis"

Paul Keane peforming with Gina Jeffreys