African Percussion

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African Percussion has been building a reputation for quality Djembe drums in Australia since 1998. African Percussion Drums can be easily recognised by the following features:

Detail of African Percussion Djembes
  • African Percussion labelling on the skin and
    tuning rope.
  • Sample of skin showing the thickness of the
    current head and assembly date.
  • Evened and rounded bearing edge.
  • Rolled finish on the skin edge, which acts as
    a 3rd ring to prevent the skin slipping
  • Oiled and polished shells to protect and
    condition the wood
  • High tensile, marine grade cord for tuning
    stability and durability

African Percussion drums are available across Australia
from the following retail outlets:

Billy Hyde Music

Drummers Paradise

African Percussion

Billy Hyde drum group Drummers Paradise